China National Silk Museum Marks International Museum Day Forum with New Vision of Development


China National Silk Museum (NSM) announced the successful conclusion of the 2022 International Museum Day Forum, which was held on May 17 to mark the 30th anniversary of the Museum with the theme “The Power of Museums: Research, Collaborations, and Community”.


Yucai Gu, Deputy Director of National Cultural Heritage Administration in China, Laishun An, Vice President of ICOM, Xudong Wang, Director of Palace Museum, Heather Brown, Deputy Director of Cleveland Museum of Art, Maxwell Hearn, Douglas Dillon Chairman of the Department of Asian Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Sally Yerkovich, Chair of ICOM Standing Committee on Ethics, and many other academics participated in and gave speeches.


At the end of the event, Dr. Zhao Feng, Director of NSM, delivered a keynote speech to highlight the progress and achievements of the Museum over the past three decades. Also, with the core value of the Museum “Newer, Broader, Deeper”, he introduced the three major aspects – research and digitization, international collaboration, and community integration – that pave the way for it to become one of China’s top museums.



Dr. Zhao Feng hosts the International Museum Day Forum


Research and digitization empower NSM

NSM has been building and refining its digital museum platform “Silk Road Online Museum” in collaboration with over forty museums worldwide. This initiative allows general public to participate in the virtual experiences including digital collections, digital exhibitions, digital knowledge, and online curating platform.


International collaborations empower NSM

NSM has also been closely involved in different cross-border collaborations, aiming to cross-breed of ideas that generate innovation and help the museum think out of the box. In 2020, the museum cooperated with scholars and universities abroad to launch the "World Map of Silk".  


Community integration empowers NSM

For years, NSM has also been engaging with communities to promote and preserve China’s traditional handicrafts. The Museum has partnered with enthusiasts of Hanfu (the traditional styles of clothing worn by the Han Chinese) to host the Hanfu Festival every April.


The forum also offered a unique opportunity for museum leaders from around the world to come together for a sustained exchange of ideas and expertise over this year’s International Museum Day theme ‘The Power of Museums’, aiming to bring positive change to the museum world. 


To view the full videos of forum, please visit the Museum Youtube channel: