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The first pure online 3D exhibition "Xiazhuang Yunji: Treasures from the Silk Road" curated by the "Cloud Curation" platform has also been launched. It is divided into four units: the Prairie Silk Road, the Desert Oasis Silk Road, the Maritime Silk Road and the Buddhist Silk Road. Cultural relics have background introduction, detailed description, noun explanation, and supplemented by anecdotes. Walking in this 3D exhibition, the audience can stop at each cultural relic, anecdotal stories of the Silk Road, enhance the understanding of the Silk Road, and experience the close and endless exchanges between Eastern and Western civilizations.

The exhibition includes a total of 79 pieces/sets of collections from 47 museums. The exhibition collections come from 17 countries and there are more than 30 kinds of materials. Among them, there are many national treasure-level precious cultural relics that need to be inspected by customs, murals that are difficult to transport, or fragile utensils. , but as an online 3D exhibition, the cultural relics can gather in the cloud.

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