The Silk Road Digital Museum is a virtual museum initiated by the China National Silk Museum and cooperating with more than 40 Silk Road related museums at home and abroad. Its mission is to gather the digital collection resources of the international Silk Road and related museums and the digital knowledge content of the Silk Road, build a digital platform with curatorial and design functions, directly generate Silk Road related exhibitions on the cloud, and spread the Silk Road. Road culture and carry forward the spirit of the Silk Road. At the same time, the platform of this digital museum can also be extended from the Silk Road theme to all museums, thereby promoting digital cooperation and integration in the international museum community.

What we build is not just a digital museum, but more importantly, to promote the concept from digital cooperation to digital integration. We propose to discuss, build and share together, discuss the development of the Silk Road, build a Silk Road Digital Expo, and share Silk Road resources. In fact, we use the existing digital achievements of various museums to build a native digital space in a virtual digital space. Digital exhibitions and museums, implement the concept of openness and sharing, and open the era of digital integration.

Our goal is to let curators achieve beautiful furnishings here, let designers find inspiration for cultural relics here, and let collections that are thousands of miles away can meet here to produce high-quality exhibitions. We are here to break down the barriers of resources, connect the barriers of time and space, and break through the ceiling of ability. If we can't meet in reality, then we merge in numbers.

The Silk Road Digital Museum is referred to as "Silk Road Digital Museum" in English, Silk Road Online Museum in English, and SROM in Chinese. Its Logo shape is like a building with oriental sentiment, and it is also the M of a Museum. The two sides of the M are formed by R and S shapes, and the middle is O, which together is S-R-O-M.

My Digital Museum: I curate, I design, and I disseminate. My SROM: Curating, Designing and Promoting

Zhao Feng, Director of China National Silk Museum

Address: China National Silk Museum, 73-1, Yuhuangshan Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou

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