(2019) ANNOUNCEMENT (1st round) 4th IASSRT symposium, Kislovodsk, Russia
Date: 2022-06-17
4th Symposium International Association for the Study of Silk Road Textiles (IASSRT), Sep. 21 – Oct. 1, 2019, Kislovodsk, Russia. “Textiles as A Historical Source”

I. Description
The 4th Symposium of IASSRT will take place from 21st September to 1st October 2019 in Russia, while mainly in Kislovodsk. The theme of the symposium will be "Textiles as a historical source". The chief focus of the discussion will be the consilience in approach to understanding textiles in the historical context covering topics such as economic and technological development, trade links, diplomatic and political relations, social structure, textiles production and manufacturing, mythology, cosmology and decorative arts, etc. on the territories of the Silk Road (including Eastern Silk Road, Steppe Silk Road, and Maritime Silk Road).
● Host: International Association for the Study of Silk Road Textiles (IASSRT)
● Co-organizers: Nasledie Institue, Scientific Research Institute of Archeology and Ancient History of the North Caucasus, the State Hermitage Museum, China National Silk Museum
● Co-Chairmen: Zvezdana Dode, Maria Menshikova, Feng Zhao
● Supporters: Ministry of Culture of the Karachat-Cherkessk Republic, Kislovodsk Local History Museum “Fortress”, National Museum of the Republic of Adygea, The State Karachay-Cherkess Historical-Cultural and Natural Museum-Reserve, Astrophysical Observatory of the Russia Academy of Sciences
II. Program
● Sep. 21 (Sat)
Arrive in St.Petersburg
● Sept. 22 (Sun)
Panel 1: Visiting the Oriental department, State Hermitage Museum
Workshop: Research on the textiles excavated from Moshchevaya Balka, Noin Ula and Pazyryk
● Sept. 23 (Mon)
Leave St.Petersburg for Kislovodsk
Evening: 4th IASSRT board meeting
● Sept. 24 (Tue)
“Silk Road Textiles: Textiles as a Historical Source”symposium, opening ceremony
Panel 2: Visiting Nasledie Institute 
Workshop: Technique Caucasian Gold Embroidery and Mountain Traditional Costume through the Ages
● Sept. 25 (Wed) 
Panel 3: Symposium “Silk Road Textiles: Textiles as a Historical Source” 
Session 1: Archaeological Textiles along the Steppe Route
Session 2: New Research on the Silk Road Textiles
● Sept. 26 (Thu)
Panel 3: Symposium “Silk Road Textiles: Textiles as a Historical Source”
Session 3: European Textiles
Session 4: Traditional Asian Textiles
● Sept. 27 (Fri)
Panel 4: Visiting the State Karachay-Cherkess Historical-Cultural and Natural Museum
Workshop: Silk fabrics and clothing of the medieval population from the rocky burial grounds
● Sept. 28 (Sat)
Panel 5: Visiting Lower Arkhyz and Khasout Valley
Workshop: The textiles excavated from the rock burials in Khasout Valley
● Sept. 29 (Sun)
Departure from Kislovodsk and arrive in Moscow
● Sept. 30 (Mon)
Panel 6: Visiting the museum at the Strogaov School and State Historical Museum
Workshop: Research on the Chinese textiles collected in State Historical Museum
Closing ceremony
● Oct. 1 (Tue)
Departure from Moscow
● Oct. 2 (Wed)

Arrival in China
III. Guest Speaker:
All the scholars of relative fields are welcomed to submit their paper to the symposium. The reply for attending the symposium (see attached) and abstract submission about 1000 words per mail to: iassrtsymposium@gmail.com until April 1, 2019 (Deadline).
IV. Contacts:
 Igor Voronin: iassrtsymposium@gmail.com (Russia)
 Irene Lu: irenelu_hz@163.com ; 570096639@qq.com (China)
 For those who wish, tours for viewing textile collections in the State Hermitage, St. Petersburg (prior to the symposium) and State Historical Museum, Moscow (after the symposium). The contact person Irene Lu: irenelu_hz@163.com570096639@qq.com
● Working language: English
● Associated costs and charges:
- Participation fee – $ 200 USD (including study tour).
- Accommodation (Sanatorium “Fortress”, Kislovodsk
Cost of a single room – 70$/day;
double room for one person – 50$/day;
deluxe suite – 150$/day;
suite for one – 135$/day.
- Transportation to and from Mineralniy Vody Airport (MRV), Russia.
● For more information, please link to:


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