(2022)7th annual IASSRT board meeting, Online
Date: 2022-11-28

IASSRT 7th Board Meeting



Report to IASSRT committee (2021.11-2022.10)


1. Review of 2021-2022

1.1 Review of IASSRT work during 2021-2022

1.1.1 Organized the 5th IASSRT online symposium with Trento, Italy

Duration: November 15-16, 2021 

Held by: Martino Martini Center, University of Trento
Theme: Textiles on the Silk Roads: from Medieval to Industrial Periods  

1.1.2 Organized the 6th IASSRT board meeting 

On November 15, 2021, at 21 pm Beijing time (GMT+8), the 6th IASSRT board meeting was held online. More than 20 institutional members and expert members participated in the meeting.


1.1.3 Prepared the 6th IASSRT symposium

Held by:

Department of Textile Conservation, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Tracing Patterns Foundation (Tracing Patterns), California

Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles (QSMT), Bangkok

Institute for the History of Natural Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IHNS), Beijing

Duration: October 20-22, 2022 


1.2 Cooperation among IASSRT members

1.2.1 Hold the exhibition “Silk and Silk Roads: from Hangzhou to Samarkand” together with Samarkand State Museum-Reserve of Uzbekistan and the Institute of Archaeology of Samarkand named after Yahyo Gulyamov (Professor Matbabaeyv B., Dr. Hoshimov H.), online and in Samarkand 


1.2.2 Projects

A. Publication of Textiles and Clothing along the Silk Roads (English) with UNESCO

B. The Annual Report of Silk Road Cultural Heritage 2021  


1.2.3 Conferences

Participation of the 26th ICOM General Conference

Feng Zhao was elected as the Ordinary Member of the Executive Board with the highest votes! We also have a lot of exchanges with ICOM-Costume, ICOM-Conservation, etc. 


2. Other works during last two years

2.1 Publication  

We would like to publish all the past IASSRT symposium proceedings, entitled with Silk and the Silk Road (2015), Silk and the Silk Road (2016-2017), Silk and the Silk Road (2018-2019), Silk and the Silk Road (2021-2022), and so forth. Such proceedings will include program, reports, abstracts or papers, and photos, published by Donghua University Press and Zhejiang University Press. And the two press are editing Silk and the Silk Road (2015) and Silk and the Silk Road (2018-2019) separately now. We’d like to invite all the authors providing their full papers, including the texts and pictures. 


2.2 Applications

Received organization applications from:

Metropolitan Museum of Art, the contact person will be Dr. Janina Poskrobko (Conservator in Charge, Department of Textile Conservation); 

State Silk Museum of Gerogia, the contact person will be Nino Kvrivishvili (Head of Museums friends Association)


3. Plans for 2023 

3.1 Symposium: prepare the 7th IASSRT symposium in Gerogia/Britain, the date and theme are to be decided.

3.2 Publication: work on the edit and publication of Symposium papers, publication of Textiles and Clothing along the Silk Roads (Chinese) with Zhejiang University Press

3.3 Members: welcome new members and develop IASSRT Group Page on Facebook.

3.4 Update the website.