(2017)3rd annual IASSRT board meeting, Lyon, France
Date: 2022-11-18

Report to IASSRT committee

1. Review of 2016

1.1 organization

1.1.1 1st annual meeting was held in Hangzhou in September of 2016.


1.1.2 Two following institutions for joining ISSART as new members:

A. The Swedish History Museum (Historiska Museet)    (Helen Persson)

B. National Museum of Denmark    (Ulla Mannering)


1.1.3 Propose 6 people, one chairperson, one vice chair, and four committee members, on a five year basis (2016-2020), concerning the number of committee members of ISSART.


1.1.4 Consensus by IASSRT on the Strengthening of Study of Silk Road Textiles to provide resource and intellectual support for the establishment of the Category 2 Center of “International Center for Silk Heritage on the Silk Roads” under the auspices of UNESCO by NSM and to take a part in related fields of UNESCO in fostering intercultural dialogue, protecting, promoting and transmitting heritage, fostering creativity and the diversity of cultural expressions.


1.1.5 Initiative about IASSRT as one of the organizations to the International Alliance of Museums of the Silk Road (IAMS)


1.1.6 NSM, as the chair institute of IASSRT, launched to co-found the International Museums Association of the Silk Roads (2017-05-18)

1.2 cooperative exhibitions among IASSRT members

1.2.1 NSM work with Korea National University of Culture Heritage, by loaning exhibits, to make a special exhibition: WORLD OF SILKS in 2016


1.2.2 NSM work with French members on a special exhibition: Glory on Silk: French Textiles (1700 to the Present) in 2017

1.3 website and publication

1.3.1 updates of iassrt.org


1.3.2 English catalogue of SILKS FROM THE SILK ROAD is published


1.4 other activities

1.4.1 “Intercultural Dialogue: Evening of the Silk Road” in NSM


1.4.2 NSM joined in the exhibition "the Silk Road and Celestial Clothes" (2017-05-15)


1.4.3 Seminars and Lectures “the Journey of World Textile” in NSM (2017-07-17)


1.4.4 Central and Eastern European exhibition held in NSM2017-09-19


1.4.5 NSM participated the exhibition part of 4th meeting of China-France High-level Mechanism for Dialogue on People-to-People Exchanges in Beijing (2017-11-24)

2 plans for 2017

2.1 cooperation between Russia members in archaeology and conservation

2.2 symposium and IASSRT 3rd annual meeting in Seoul (rotating presidency: sim yeon-ok)

2017 IASSRT France Symposium - Committee report(Click to download)