Introduction to the Cultural Heritage on the Silk Roads

Following the design and framework of last year, the Cultural Heritage on the Silk Roads 2020 is organized around the cultural heritage  of the Silk Road. It is divided into four sections: First, archaeological discoveries occurring in the time and space of the Silk Road and  archaeological projects reflecting the cultural interaction along the Silk Road; Second, thematic exhibitions, which refers to special exhibitions on the cultural heritage of the Silk Road and other related topics displayed by museums or  on the cloud; Third, academic  achievements in the field of cultural heritage of the Silk Road in the form of monographs and important papers; Fourth, cultural events including all kinds of events held internationally by the government or related authorities.

The  annual report this year cooperated four major professional organizations, the Silk Road Archaeology Professional Committee of the Archaeological Society of China, the International School for Museology, Nanjing University of the Arts, Department of History, Zhejiang University & Center for Research on Ancient Chinese History Peking University, and ICOMOS International Conservation Center Xi'an respectively provide archaeological discoveries thematic exhibitions, academic achievements and cultural events. At the same time, expert teams were invited to carry out the evaluation. More than 30 foreign scholars from about 10 countries, including the US, the UK, France, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the Philippines and South Korea, respectively elected the "Top Ten" list of four sections.